Terms & Conditions

1. Provision of service shall include :
   A) Delivery of the subscribed service within the stipulated duration,
   B) Assignment of Internet Protocol (IP) address for accessing the internet,
   C) The IP address provided by WLN shall only be used for the purpose it has been provisioned.

2. This service is governed by the provisions of Indian Telegraph Act, 1885, Indian Wireless Telegraphy Act, 1993, and Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Act, 1997 as modified or replaced from time to time.

3. If the subscriber uses this service for internet telephony, then only the following will be permitted: Service to process and carry voice signals offered though public internet by use of Personal Computers (PC) or IP based Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) connecting the following:

   A) PC to PC; within or outside India.

   B) PC/a device/adapter conforming to standards of International agencies like ITU, IETF etc., in India to PSTN/PLMN abroad.

  C) Any device/adapter conforming to standards of International agencies like ITU, IETF etc., connected to ISP node with static IP address to similar device/adapter; within or outside India Addressing scheme for Internet telephony shall only conform to IP addressing scheme of Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) exclusive of National Numbering Scheme/plan applicable to Basic/Cellular Telephone service. Translation of E.164 number/private number to IP address allotted to any device and vice versa, to show compliance with IANA numbering scheme is not permitted. Subscriber acknowledges that VoIP will not be used in any form other than what is permissible under the internet service license. Subscriber acknowledges that the IP given will not be used for terminating VoIP calls on domestic PSTN network.

4. As per the regulations of telecom authority, if the mobile number mentioned in this SRF is registered under National Do Not Call (NDNC) registry, you will not receive SMSs from Wi-Link Network Pvt. Ltd. (WLNPL). By signing this form you explicitly agree and give your consent to receive SMS communication irrespective of your mobile number registration under NDNC registry. Wi-Link Network Pvt. Ltd. (WLNPL) or its SMS service provider/partners will not be liable for any legal or monetary expenses arising out of these regulations.

5. Use of Service - The subscriber shall use the service in accordance with WLN's Acceptable Internet Use Policy (“Acceptable Use Policy”). The Acceptable Use Policy shall mean the current version of WLN's Acceptable Use Policy provided on its website (As may be changed by the WLN from time to time).

6. All plan charges will be charged in advance.

7. Fair Usage limit is applicable on all Unlimited Plans; please check WLN website for updated information on FUP limit.

8. Contention ratio is applicable on broadband plans; for more details please refer WLN website.

9. Subscriber/Customer Premise Service Equipment (CPE):
   A) Subscribers may use their own CPEs. However, such CPEs need to be approved by the WLN. In case, of such CPEs:
       (i) No rental or security deposit/charges will be applicable.
       (ii) WLN would not be responsible for maintenance of such CPE's.
   B) When CPE provided by WLN for provision of services.
       (i) CPE will remain property of WLN and neither the CPE nor its right to use can be transferred to any person in any manner whatsoever.
       (ii) The subscriber to whom the CPE is delivered shall be responsible for safety of the CPE and any other accessories provided.
       (iii)For any manufacturing defects in the CPE - No charges will be applicable to subscriber.
       (iv) For any damage to CPE attributable to subscriber – The repair/service/replacement charges shall be assessed by WLN and recovered from the subscriber accordingly, along with applicable taxes, as additional cost of provision of service by WLN.

10. Minimum System Requirement/Configuration:
   (a) PC/Laptops should have minimum,
   (b) Intel P IV2 GHz or higher processor,
   (c) 512 MB RAM,
   (d) Minimum 2 GB free Hard Disk space at the time of installation,
   (e) Operating System: Win 2K, Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7
   (f) Ethernet LAN Card/Port (10/100BaseT) with TCP/IP support.
   (g) Browser Options: IE 6.0 & above, Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and above, Opera or Google Chrome browser.

11. In case subscriber wants to shift to a new location, delivery of connection will be subject to feasibility and shifting charges will be applicable.

12. Exit Policy: In case the subscriber chooses to discontinue after signing the SRF:
   (a) But prior to service being provisioned due to inability of WLN to deliver service within standard delivery period, no charges will be levied to the subscriber. (Standard delivery policy is three days from the date of realization of subscription amount paid). In case of cheque payment, service installation shall take 6-10 working days from cheque submission date.
   (b) But prior to service being provisioned due to decision of the subscriber, all one-time subscription charges will be applicable.
   (c) After service provisioning, all one-time, recurring and other charges will be payable as applicable.
   (d) Any refund, if applicable, will be paid to the subscriber within 30 working days from account termination. Account termination will be done on receipt of CPE by WLN in working condition and settlement of all balance outstanding. Penalty/damages, if applicable, will be deductable from the refund amount, towards breach of terms of service. Please refer terms and conditions section on WLN website for updated information on refund policy.